We are in the people business

Pastors, Doctors, Politicians alike, we are in the people business.

Our responsibility is to reach out to people, all people, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

We do not discriminate based on how a person has reacted towards us, but we show compassion and love irrespective.

Malta Mission 2017

We arrived the Island of Malta in September 2017 on a missionary expedition. Just like Paul, I can imagine, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

Our experience was akin to Paul’s Shipwreck experience, with the myriad of questions going through our minds.

We have taken tours of the islands, even to the place where Paul’s shipwreck was supposed to have taken place, there is a bit of uncertainty about the actual location.

The Maltese are a very friendly and hospitable people, always ready to help.

They have a very strong religious particularly Catholic history and tradition, and these traditions still hold sway in the culture of the people.

The younger generation however are gradually moving away from the traditions of their forebears and as is not uncommon amongst the youth of any society, they are to do their own thing.

There are a few Churches of other denominations like the Methodists, Baptists and pentecostals, but the main denomination is still Catholism.

The influx of migrants has helped to increase the number of believers from other flavours, particularly the pentecostal /charismatic type Churches.